I'm Chelsea - Nice to meet you.


I empower school and education-related business leaders to evaluate processes, set strategic goals, & propel their mission forward.

I am a school leader and educator using my experience to partner with education and education-related businesses in professional development, strategy and operations, & telling your story.

I always thought my dream was to be teaching in a classroom, wearing my “I teach for the money & fame shirt”, and loving every second of dancing along with my students to Tooty Ta by Dr. Jean. It always seemed like an appropriate dream given my BA in Child Development.

I took my first classroom role in 2005, served in the states and internationally, and loved it all the way through my first taste of school leadership in 2009. Taking an Assistant Director role pretty much ruined everything.

That role is when it happened; the spark I loved with teaching ignited into a bonfire the moment I saw I could multiply my impact on learners and educators in a meaningful way. Since then, I can’t get enough.

My roles over the years allowed me to build new programs that pushed the assumed limits of what a classroom should look and function like, what teachers should focus on and learn, and what a school environment should feel like overall.

Since this spark ignited, I have become (overly) passionate about disrupting the status-quo of education through whatever avenue I am able and pushing forward the mission of others with this same thinking.

This has allowed me to work as a School Director, revamping schools from the inside out, partner with innovative schools and education-related businesses to better reach their audience through clarifying their message, provide professional development, and serve on boards and leadership teams in strategic and operations focused roles.


My job is to help you simplify your strategies, create manageable operations, and to partner with you in moving education forward.