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I help you clarify your beliefs so you can fulfill your empowered potential

Hey! I found you!

...or did you find me??

Either way, HERE WE ARE!

Which means that you are ready to

live your life empowered. 💪

Maybe your story sounds like mine

My old beliefs pretty much just reminded me everyday to not question things - even when they didn't feel right.


Making myself smaller & quieter to fit into what

I felt like other people wanted to see.

This led me down a path of anxiety,

depression, and overall suckyness.


I knew I needed to ruin my life as it was 

and build something that I loved.


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Let's zoom in on your life for a sec

🔍 Think of your daily habits.

🔍 Think of how you define success.

🔍 Think of your communication strategies.

🔍 Think of how you define failure.

🔍 Think of how you talk to yourself.

🔍 Think of your values.

All of these make up the 📦 you live out of.

Now that you have all of that in your 🧠, I have a ❓ (or 3...)

❓ Did you form these things or were they formed for you?

❓ When was the last time you stopped and asked WHY you do things/think of things the way you do?

❓ Are you empowered by the 📦 you are living out of?

I started asking myself these questions more intentionally and found that I didn't like the answers. ❌

Too many things were built for me, didn't fit right, and I just accepted them due to convention and the control I let others have over me.

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